Happy Father’s Day, God

Dear Papa God,

This is the time of year that we set aside to celebrate fathers so I thought I’d write you this short letter just to tell you some of the most special things to me about You, my Papa God (Abba).


The thing you do the best is: love

I have given you plenty of reasons to be impatient and frustrated with me and really, I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you decided you’d had enough. I certainly have had enough of me and my failings. But in spite of all my failings, you haven’t ever given up on me. And, Papa God, its so much more amazing to me that every time I mess up you have always been right beside me with your hand outstretched, ready to pick me up and whisper to me as you pull me close once again. I love hearing you say, “I love you. Nothing you can ever do or say will make me love you less or any more than I already do because I love you so much, I gave up my very best just to have you with me all the time.” I love climbing up on your lap and leaning my head against your chest so I can hear your heart beat as you speak loving words of kindness, grace, truth, and instruction to me. You give me so much grace, forgiveness, and mercy – all things I don’t deserve and never earned – all because You love me. 

My favorite thing you’ve made is: kids – especially my kids

Actually, its really hard to pick just one thing out of everything you’ve ever made! The amazing sunsets and sunrises on the water are so breathtakingly beautiful – I don’t find anything like those in the store, and your hand crafts each one uniquely and perfectly beautifully. And colors all around – your paint palette is amazing! From the pink and purple night skies to the brightest flowers and greenest grass, you make the best stuff, Papa God. And then there’s the people and animals you’ve made – you are so creative! What an amazing imagination you have! And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the stars and the entire universe! But ultimately when I look at the amazing children you made, just for me and the wonderful husband you gave me, I am in such awe. From the smallest things came these two complex, beautiful, life-filled beings that only the best Creator could have ever designed and fit together so perfectly.

My favorite thing to do with you is: talk to you and listen to your stories 

I get so much joy from spending time with you, Papa God. My heart is so thrilled to hear you in our time together. I don’t always do a great job of listening to you (you speak kinda soft most of the time) but I’m learning. And every time I hear you for myself, I just want to stay in that place with you. I don’t want to go anywhere else or be with anyone else or do anything else, I just want to sit with you and listen to you and see all the mind-blowing things you want to show me. I love to hear your sweet voice. I love to see pictures you draw in my mind’s eye as you speak truth and life and love to me. And I love that you listen to me too, Papa God. I know I can go on and on and on…hahaha a little like my sweet 5 year old. But you are so loving and kind to listen to me. And when my heart is heavy and my tears come so fast over the smallest issues, you still sit with me and listen to me, and comfort me and remind me that you’re bigger and stronger than all those problems.

My favorite thing about you is: you pursue and don’t give up on me

It warms and thrills my heart to think about you dancing and singing and rejoicing over me! You are an amazing dancer and singer – I just know it! And oh how you have forgiven me and beckoned to me so many times! I don’t deserve your continued pursuit. Though I would have stopped a long time ago, you are not one to give up on any of your kids, and I’m no exception. And because of how you don’t give up on me and you continue to pursue me, I feel encouraged to approach you. I know that you won’t forget about me or special events in my life, even ones that I don’t realize are worth celebrating, you are determined to celebrate me all the time – simply because you love me. What more approval and affection could I want? I know I’ll find true, pure approval and affection from you, Papa God. How can you be so excited over any small obedience of mine? How can you be so determined to never give up on me? Yet, you are and nothing at all will stop the joy I experience in knowing that you rejoice over me.


Papa God, I don’t want to leave this letter; there is so much more I could and should say, though I don’t know if I can find all the words. I don’t want to stop remembering you and thinking about how good you are, and how amazing and strong you are, and how sweetly loving you are to me. I don’t want to leave this precious time with you. But I know that no matter where I am, I can always lift my head up and you are right here beside me, ready to listen to my praises and to speak lovingly to me. You are the best and only, Papa God, and I want to be with you and to be just like you.

Pick me up,Papa God? Hold me closer?

Teach me more, Papa God. Tell me more of your stories; I love the sound of your voice.

I love you, Papa God.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa God.

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