Library Card

“Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary;
his understanding is unsearchable.”
– Isaiah 40:28


Just for kicks I decided to do a Google search for “knowledge” – 1,330,000,000 results returned! I can’t even conceive that many things about “knowledge”! And each one of those results was put together by human beings so no doubt there are many things repeated. This verse made me stop to think about how vast God’s knowledge is. God’s knowledge though, has no duplicates, no repeats, but still extends far beyond our capacity to comprehend. It is overwhelming to think about how every good leadership principle, parenting principle, academic subject, self-help book, etc. comes from God’s vast knowledge.

I imagine a huge library, the end of which I can’t see, wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling, cathedral heights of nothing but books. It reminds me of a well-known animated movie where the main female character of the story is surprised as she enters a library in a castle where books are wrapped all around the walls and went from floor to ceiling. The library of God’s understanding and knowledge stretches even bigger than this!

I imagine taking one of the books off the shelf and look at the title: “How to Forgive”, author: God. Jogging down the row of books in front of me, finger tips grazing each book as I run, I pick a random book from the shelf where I stop and I read the title “Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together“, writer: Erin Davis, author: God, research conducted by: Erin Davis & God. Even the good books that we have written, have God’s knowledge and understanding all through them.


As I look up and down the vast array of books, I begin to feel small, but I’m realizing that just means that I will have plenty to keep me busy when I get to heaven! And in fact, rather than feeling overwhelmed, I have a sense of peace. I am getting a glimpse that first of all, there are answers to all of my questions. I may not know what those answers all are, and there will be books in here that I may not ever understand (like why does traffic have to be a thing, especially when I want to get home), but all of that is ok because what’s really important is that there are answers, and He knows them all.

How do I deal with a stubborn kid? “I’m glad you asked me” God says. “I have lots of material on that subject! We will find a few examples from your life in here, Sarah. But don’t worry, I’ve got another book that should help you understand the mercy and grace I’ve given you to be able to handle that stuff.” He says with a gentle smile and a quick wink to reassure me He’s not holding any of my stubbornness against me.

What do I do about my body and mind going haywire, especially the older I get? “Ah!” He exclaims. “There is some really great stuff over here, I’ve even got diagrams and molecular structures drawn out so you can see exactly how I fit your body together. There is a full book just about your body, Sarah, because it is completely unique. In fact, I have a book on every single person I’ve ever created. The DNA part you won’t be able to read on your own, but I can help you past all of that to get to just what you need to answer your questions.”

Why is there evil and hurt in the world? He pauses. His face turns a bit softer and more sad. “I’m afraid there are some very hard things to understand about the answers to that and I don’t think you’re going to be able to handle it, little one.” Kneeling down and putting his hands on my arms, looking at me on my eye-level He says, “Can you be ok for now just knowing that I understand these things, and that I love you so much that I am doing everything to do what is best for you? There are going to be some questions you will have, like this one, that I won’t be able to teach you all about because you won’t be able to understand them. But its ok, because I do. Can you trust me to understand and only give you what I know you can handle understanding? I know its very hard, especially for you, little one – you are very inquisitive and you love to help. Know that I love you and everyone that I have created, and my presence in the middle of those times of hurting is evidence of my love.”

I nod my head solemnly indicating I understand. It is hard not knowing everything, but as I walk over to the big sofa by the window to sit and read with Him, I’m ok with not knowing.

I know that He knows.

I know He’s got it all under control.

And right now, I have a pile of books to focus on (like building leadership potential, & raising kids of godly character, & being the best wife just for starters). These are going to take me some time to get through, and there are so many more after that!

“Daddy, will you help me understand this one?” I ask as I hold up a book He wrote called “How to Boldly Pursue God’s Dream for You”

“Of course! I taught Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Peter, even Paul who you might not think had to learn how to be bold in a way that glorifies me – that’s a surprise chapter for a lot of folks. I’ve taught a lot of my kids this one. I would be happy to teach you too, little one. Let’s read it together.”

Smiling, I hand the book to Him and curl up next to him on the sofa by the window as His strong voice begins to read and carefully explain how examples in my life fit together with His Words on the page.

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